Business Accelerator Program

WBEC business accelerators program inquiry for female entrepreneurs & women owned businesses. Company audit and growth consultation.

Business Accelerator

Business Accelerator Program for Women-Owned Businesses

what is a business accelerator?

WBEC business accelerator is a program that helps enrepreneurs and small businesses get their ideas off the ground and develop clear growth goals online. WBEC is an only for female entrepreneurs and women-owned business accelerator program and company supporter.

02. how does a business accelerator work?

WBEC's business accelerator works by building a digital footprint with authority and search engine optimization. Proven to accelerate business growth through organic search, while others typically offer seed money in exchange for equity in the company.

No matter what business you're in, a personalized turnkey approach can jump start a business in the right direction.

05. How much do accelerators cost?

While typical fees are between $25K to $50K in the US. there is a growing amount of completely free accelerators that offer basic mentorships, guides and starting phases of fundraising your startup.

WBEC's accelerator program for women-owned business and female entrepreneurs is unique to each business and their endeavors that requires each a custom quote.

03. How To Accelerate Business Growth?

How can a business accelerate growth? The best way is through SEO. Search Engine Optimization, or “SEO” for short will help market and promote a business' product or service at the exact same time the customer is needing it when they Google it.

There are many other channels to accelerate business growth. WBEC's audit and consultation goes over goals, opportunities and potential marketing plan.

06. What are the disadvantages of accelerators

Each accelerator program is different and can pose different outcomes and limitations.
jump starts a company's online exposure that takes a business to the next level.

04. What is the difference between business incubator and accelerator?

Incubators and accelerators are both used to help startups grow. The main difference between the two is that incubators focus on helping early-phase companies get started, while accelerator programs work with more established businesses in order speed up their growth process.

At WBEC, no matter what business you're in, a personalized turnkey approach can jumpstart your business in the right direction.